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Tornado Warning


I want to throw a party.

FOOL We all want to throw parties.


I don't know, something about this one feels – different?

FOOL Different how?

KING It's bubbling up. I can't control it.

FOOL Well, what can we do about that?

KING I'm just not sure.

FOOL Well, what do you want to do?


I suppose it could be anything.


I want to throw a party?

KING You do?

FOOL I do.


FOOL That's what I said.

KING You stole my idea.

FOOL Your idea?

KING To throw a party.


So that's your idea now?

KING It is.

FOOL Since when?

KING Since I had it.


And when was that?

KING Just a few moments ago.

FOOL And whose idea was it before that?

KING Well, I've been thinking about it for a few days now.

FOOL And you've just now decided to say something. Convenient.

KING I'll hear nothing of convenience.

FOOL All I want to know is where did the idea come from?

KING My head.

FOOL But you had it only a few days ago.

KING Exactly!

FOOL Who had it before you?

KING No one.

FOOL No one's ever had a party before?

KING Not like the one I've dreamt up.

FOOL And what is that exactly?

KING What was that?


My lord.

KING A festivity.

FOOL We love our festivities.

KING More than the objects of celebration.

FOOL So it's settled. I'm throwing a party.

KING Again with my ideas.

FOOL You keep the idea. I'll throw the party.

KING If you insist.

FOOL I do.

KING What was that?

FOOL My lord.


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