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In Development

The ideas aren't fully formed yet, but they're beginning to see the light of day. Read on for a look into some of the work I'm in the process of creating, workshopping, editing, or otherwise shaping & reshaping.


At our core, climate degradation scares us. It is what we do with this fear that matters. Using the borrowed vocabularies of Twitter and poetry, this collage of words explores how we talk to one another and the failures of that communication. When words are brief and conversation is scarce, what hope do we have for a global crisis?


Mary, Mother of Jesus, is a girl getting ready for Shabbat services. This piece starts with the Marian cycle of the N-town mystery plays and intercuts it with the rituals that pervade our lives. Music is ritual. Routine is ritual. Religion is ritual. How do we summon ourselves into the world?

RE: Woyzeck

Marie is on trial and it's her job to prove to us how she was wronged. This re-envisioning of Georg Büchner’s original text uses a new translation to build upon the play’s specific historical & dramaturgical circumstances. Is there any escape from the cruelty of retelling your own traumas?

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