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I enjoy writing and I struggle to do it consistently. These are a few of the products of that ongoing process. Click the titles to read on!
  • PURE INAUDIBLE, an ASMR video-monologue on the Hong Kong protests of late 2019.
    "​hey everyone welcome back hope you're having a good day / before we get going remember to like a subscribe for more / [...] nothing too out of the ordinary today / plain / i hope you enjoy "
  • Please Don't Ask, a monologue for Greta Thunberg's younger sister, Beata.
    "Which is strange, I know, but as with everyone, we're all just individual people. What makes me worthy of, you know, getting up here, giving a talk, answering questions like this? But I guess that's also the reason I'm even here, is from – well – I don't need to get into it."
  • Two Focus, a diptych monologue by redaction (loosely) about the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan announced January 2020.
    "cable television might testify, cast himself as a peacemaker. never mention his part of the argument his focus on his relationships to legitimacy to dispute"  [Find the original article here.]
  • The Storm, a self-portrait in self-doubt and social media.
    "...the short-term memory loss of scrolling where I’ve lost my awareness of a particular issue but if I were to scroll past it again I would be reminded of the thoughts I previously had, and I would conjure those to inform whatever I was scrolling past and then it would all come flooding back."
Not Monologues​
  • Starters, a series of micro-plays to be performed at home by you and the people you're with. Created with JETco.
    "I miss the softness of a dull pencil and the danger of a sharp one. When I would write by hand, my lines would go from thin to fat very slowly and then become thin again. It was infuriating and precarious."
  • hear fell their sinew, a poem on inheritance and natural growth.
    "& this sun birthed another / with tears in her face – / yellowed or gilded or faded or / green – whatever the sun fancied"
  • What do I have to be proud of?, a video journal in the midst of a Pride month filled with protests (June 2020).
    "i remember / the question? / i remember / the question? / ? / ? / ? / i remember"
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