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Pick a square, any square.

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I’m a theater and performance maker with a penchant for work that blends form & genre, activates familiar circumstances, and values audience consent as both powerful & necessary. I strive to create work that reflects the communities they're performed in. I strive to support artists creating work that speaks to the communities to which they belong. I define communities expansively and inclusively, in both concrete and abstract terms. At times, I’ve been a director, performer, stage manager, lighting designer, scenic designer, and dramaturg. I would love to talk about why you do/make/create in the way that you do. Right now, I'm thinking about making theater more casual, more communal, more mundane, and more guttural. Contact me and let’s chat!


Biographically, I graduated from Harvard University in 2018 with a degree in English and a decent amount of time logged studying theater and French. I’ve worked in artistic and literary capacities at The Araca Group, Manhattan Theatre Club, Kevin McCollum’s Alchemation, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, and many, many festivals including NYMF and Under The Radar. I'm a Resident Artist with 3DaysPrior, Founder of JETco., and Creative Director for the band Mye July. My pronouns are he, him, and his. Please click around to learn more about some of the work I've done.

RIGHT NOW — swimming around the seas of digital theater; creating extraordinary Zoom gatherings with JETco.
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